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Memberships and certifications


CALIQUA and its parent company EQUANS support associations and organisations that are working to build and communicate knowledge on the topic of energy efficiency.



The goal of this association is to secure a safe and intelligent energy supply in Switzerland as specified in the Energy Strategy 2050. Gas, electricity and heat can ensure an independent and sustainable supply for Switzerland if they are connected in efficient cycles, as the name of the association suggests: in a loop. POWERLOOP promotes the spread of the relevant technologies. More


VFS district heating association

CALIQUA is a member of the Swiss district heating association (Verband Fernwärme Schweiz, VFS). The association is committed to high quality in district heating technology. It develops guidelines, promotes them and advises members and interested parties. More



CALIQUA is a member of swisscleantech. The association aims to position Switzerland internationally as a pioneer in resource-oriented, low-emission business. It is supported by Swiss and Liechtenstein cleantech companies and represents their interests in politics. More



CALIQUA is a member of the Swiss-Liechtensteinian building technology association suissetec. It represents the unified interests of the industry, promotes education and training, works to foster innovative building technology, and communicates with the public and with government. In Switzerland, EQUANS supports associations and organisations that build up and communicate knowledge on the topic of energy efficiency. More


Other memberships




We want to be the best – whether that’s in terms of our work, our health and safety in the workplace, or our employees’ training and professional development. As a result, we also hold various certifications.


Management systems

  • ISO 9001:2015 – quality management norm
  • ISO 45001:2018 – occupational health & safety management system


Manufacturing certifications

  • Fusion welding, ISO 3834-2:2005, SQS certificate
  • Internal manufacturing control (module A2), SSC certificate
  • Conformity with type (module C2), SSC certificate
  • Approval for re-stamping, SSC certificate
  • Manufacturer approval pursuant to the Pressure Equipment Directive, SCC certificate
  • Welding of rail vehicles and their components, SVS certificate
  • In-house production control and application EN 1090-1, SVS certificate
  • Welding of steel structures under EN 1090-2, SVS certificate
  • EC type examination (module B), Swiss TS certificate