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Health & Safety

We care about your and our safety.

Our goal: to prevent every accident

CALIQUA puts the protection of people’s physical and mental health first in everything it does. Acting responsibly means taking a forward-thinking and considered approach to tasks. That way, hazards can be analysed, and their risks minimised.

We take responsibility

We take complete responsibility for the services indicated. In the mandate and project preparation phase, we analyse the risks and determine the measures required. We record these in a health and safety plan (H&S plan). All of our subcontractors and temporary employees undertake to comply with CALIQUA’s health and safety guidelines (looking after each other).

Improvement through checks and training

Safety is a management responsibility at CALIQUA. Training and raising awareness in employees and suppliers are key factors in the successful continuous improvement of our safety culture. Every incident is clarified, analysed and discussed with a member of the management team. In a HIPO (high potential situation), we record the results and communicate them to our employees.

Golden rules

We promote safety awareness in all employees and involve them in identifying risks in the workplace. We ensure that the necessary resources are available: CALIQUA has set out ten golden rules and developed its own safety cards for employees.

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Your contacts for health and safety at CALIQUA

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